Weekly Consignments

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September 25th - Weigh Cow and Bull Sale with Yearling Special

Et Aleo K (150)
Yearling Heifers, Spayed, Complete Mineral Program, Coming off Grass, 800-850 lbs. 

Shon Whetham (17)
Black Heifers, tested open, weigh 900-950

Owen Walker (10)
Black and BWF Steers and Heifers, Coming Off Grass. 600-700 lbs.

Dave Clark (9)
Black Heifers, guaranteed open, running out on grass, cake broke. 775-800 lbs

October 9th - Weigh Cow and Bull Sale with Yearling/Feeder Special!

Dorothy Henderson & Sons (150)
Black, BWF, and few Herefords Steers and Heifers, alpha 7 @ birth, pyramid 5 + Presponse at branding, Preconditioned with Pyramid 5 + presponse, vision 7 W/ somnus & spur, poured with ivomec

Bryan McKay & Mike Smith (76)
Black calves, Alpha 7 at birth, Enforce 3, Bovishield Gold 5, Synovex C at branding, nice set of calves

Baker Farms (45)
Black Angus Steers. Coming Off The Cow. More Info to Come!

Goodstreak Farms LLC (44)
27 Black Angus Steers, 17 Black Angus Heifers. Alpha 7 at birth, Inforce 3 and Caliber 7 at branding. Pre-conditioned with Pyramid 5 + Presponse SQ. BQA Certified. Some AI sired by Bruiser. All the rest sired by Connealy bulls. 600-650#

Kevin and Bridget Johnston (15)
Black and BWF Steers and Heifers. 7 Way and 5 Way at Branding. Coming off the cows. Bulls Were Banded. 525#

October 23, 2023 - Feeder Special highlighting Red Angus

Tim and Kelli Riggs (100)
Black Angus Steers. Coming off the cow. More info to come.

Laif & Sondra Andersen (100)
Black Angus calves, two rounds of shots no implants, coming off cow

Ty Nagel (6)
Black Steers and Heifers. Branding Shots. Weaned Along Time. Bunk Broke. 400-450 lbs.

Ed Wernke (8)
Black Angus Steers and Heifers. 7 Way at Branding. Bovi Sheild Gold 5 at PC. Coming off Cow.

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