Weekly Consignments

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Monday, February 19th, 2024 - Weigh Cow & Bull Sale with Feeder Special

Howard Willey (270)
Black and Char Steers and Heifers two rounds of shots handled right and long time weaned. Big stout good calves 800-900lbs 

Leo Hoehn (200)
Black and Red Steers and Heifers, long time weaned two rounds of shots.  Very nice kind! 750-850lbs 

Bill and Queeda Baldwin (170)
Black and BWF Steers, long times weaned on a low energy grower ration and handled right! This is a set of home-raised reputation calves that are clean green and ready for grass!! 600-700 lbs 

Billy Boldon (100)
Red Angus Steers and Heifers. 7 Way with Somnus, Vista 5, and Steers were Knife Cut at Branding. 7 Way with Somnus, Vista 5, Poured with Ivermectin, Wormed with SafeGuard at Preconditioning. Pieper Red Angus Genetics. Heifers are Bangs Vaccinated. All Calves Have Been Running Out, Bunk Broke, Weaned A Long Time. Nice Green Set of Red Angus Calves. 650-700 lbs. 

Ernest Land & Ranch (65)
Hereford steers and heifers, two rounds of shots, long-time weaned and bunk broken, implants, and green!

Wayne and Mary Crawford (60)
Angus and Angus Cross Steers. Had Branding Shots, Preconditioned on October 20th with Bavashield Gold 5 and Presponse. Weaned November 8th and Boostered with Vision 7 with Somnus, Inforce 3 and Poured with Promectin B and Given Synoxex S. Bunk Broke. On a Low Energy Forage Ration. 650-700 lbs. 

Et Aleo K (60)
Black and Red Steers with a Few Heifers.  Two Rounds Vision 7 and Vista Once. Weaned a Long Time. Bunk Broke. On a Light Grower Ration. Drenched with Cattlactive. 525-600 lbs. 

Brian Frank (35)
Black Steers and Heifers. Weaned a long time. Two Rounds of 7 Way, Bovi Sheild Gold 5 and Pour One. Bunk Broke. 750-800 lbs

Chris Claflin (19)
Black Steer and Heifers. October 23 Calves were Boostered with Vision 7 and Bovi Shield 5. Weaned November 7th. Been on Creep Feed, Cracked Corn and Grass Hay. 650-750 Lbs. 

Owen Walker (10)
Steers & Heifers 550-700 lbs, Black & BWF, vaccinated w/ 7 way 

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